Enterprise Architecture and Governance

Enterprise Architecture is back-bone of IT infrastructure. Corporations making enterprise architecture and program management as their priorities provides true meaning to running IT as business.  eBisLogic has developed expertise based on frameworks like TOGAF and BVI (Intel's Business Value Index) methodology to provide best results to IT-Business portfolio management using Architecture Review Board (ARB) for best return on assets and people resources.  Our Enterprise Architecture and Governance center of excellence provides:

  • AS-IS EA assessment
  • Define Vision, Mission Guidelines and Principles
  • Define 3-5 year IT strategy
  • Define strategy for four layers of enterprise Architecture
    • Business Layer:
      • Collect AS-IS Business processes
      • Document business processes based on industry standard methodologies
      • Define To-BE business processes and document gaps between AS-IS and TO-BE business processes
      • Document Business processes using Enterprise Architecture Modeling tools e.g. ARIS, Popkin, Rational Rose etc.
      • Provide mapping of Business processes to Applications deployed in the organization.
      • Provide services to identify and document business requirements so that solutions deployed address true business requirements
    • Application Layer:
      • Collect AS-IS applications used in the corporation
      • Provide mapping of applications to supported business processes in the corporation
      • Provide impact assessment on applications by changing business processes in the organization.
      • Provide TCO analysis for supporting applications in the organization.
      • Provide Application modeling, system level diagrams in EA modeling tool
      • Define and document types and method of interfaces between applications
    • Data Layer:
      • Define data strategy for the corporation.
      • Provide master data, transactional data identification and loading
      • Provide data cleansing and migration services
      • Expertise in industry standard data cleansing and migration tools
    • Technology Layer:
      • Define technical strategy for all components of technology layer e.g. H/W, Storage, Operating System, Network, Data Center Operations, Application support, DBA services, Security administration, Web Services, Portal Strategy, Collaboration suite of tools, Backup Recovery, Disaster Recovery etc.
      • Provide tools evaluation, selection and deployment services
      • ITIL strategy planning

For more information or to schedule a meeting to review our Enterprise Architecture and Governance COE charter and services,  please send an email to Info@eBisLogic.com