We are looking for subject matter  experts who has business inclined thought process and firm believe in our core values: CREATIVE

Human Factors Specialist
Job Number: HFS0612
Job Duties:

Conduct User Experience research to develop front-end interface design solutions for Cloud Computing projects, working closely with solution architects, assess human behavior and performance in user interaction with Cloud Computing technologies by planning, designing, conducting and analyzing ethnography-based field studies, employing contextual enquiry, participant observation, interviews, artifact collection, and surveys in work contexts of end-users. Conduct data analysis, using qualitative and quantitative tools to distill research to generate user personas, procedural storyboards, use cases, and scenarios. Identify user interface requirements, help define project approach and human factors/user experience strategy. Work with solution architects to define user interaction models and workflows, and develop prototypes and wireframes using Powerpoint, Visio, Adobe, and HTML tools that represent proposed interaction design. Design and conduct cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluations and human-in-the-loop/ usability tests on development prototypes and final products (including assessment, validation, and comparison tests), and deliver reports that capture relevant design-related outcomes. Work closely with solution architects to implement and deliver final product. Facilitate project communication to multidisciplinary team throughout all phases of project, acting as advocate for end user.

Job Requirements/ Experience:

1) User-Interface (UI) design solutions, 2) usability testing and optimization, 3) Ethnography, exploratory research and data analysis, 4) SPSS, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, HTML, PowerPoint, Visio, 5) writing portfolio to include field research report, usability analysis, data analysis.

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